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Retreat to Recharge

As Event Engineers, we’ve seen first-hand the importance of creating memorable and meaningful experiences for your team. Today, a company retreat can bridge the gap between those who work remotely and those who work in-person and for our team, like many teams across the globe, remote work has become the norm. That’s why we recommend planning an event like this and in fact, we are departing on our own retreat today!

Why a retreat? "Fun" has some huge benefits which often get overlooked. Just hanging out in a more relaxed and informal way helps people connect on different levels than when sitting around a conference room table or on a noisy zoom call. By creating opportunities for your team to bond outside of a work setting, you can jump-start creativity, collaboration and communication, and reaffirm a sense of belonging. And by celebrating your team’s achievements and milestones, you may instill a sense of pride, purpose, and value, and inspire your team to continue their hard work.

Whether it’s the debut of new product, a successful campaign, a large contract, or a company anniversary, committing to an internal retreat is a valuable and worthwhile investment. So pardon our Out of Office for a day or two. We’re recharging our batteries, celebrating each other and getting re-energized for all the exciting work ahead!

Wingspan Newsletter Volume 128


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