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Hit The Ground Running

With many teams working in hybrid and virtual environments, is there still a strong case to be made for getting together professionally? Q1 always comes in hot after the holidays a with renewed vigor. Over our 38 years in business, Wings Event Engineers have learned there's no better time to harness that positive energy and maintain momentum than with a great meeting that focuses on the following:


·    Building Trust: Personal interactions contribute to building trust among team members. Meeting in person allows individuals to get to know each other beyond their professional roles.

·    Planning & Strategy: Teams brainstorm, share ideas, and develop strategies more effectively when they are physically present.

·    Motivation: Engaging with leaders and receiving appreciation and acknowledgment for a team's efforts and achievements inspires enthusiasm for the challenges ahead.

·    Problem-Solving: Face-to-face meetings facilitate open and honest discussions, making it easier to identify and resolve challenges that may hinder team performance.

·    Team Building: Having fun through some healthy competition can build stronger personal relationships and positively impact collaboration and communication throughout the year.

·    Training and Development: Give your team the right tools for their toolbelt to get the job done.

·    Sharpening Communication: In-person meetings enhance communication by reducing the risk of misunderstandings that can occur in virtual communication.


Ready to kickstart a successful business year? Now's the right time to get going!

Wingspan Volume 132


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