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Circled with Excellence

You cannot live in a box if you have a great circle.

It takes a motivated, empowered and inspired group to orchestrate meetings & events. The pursuit of excellence unites, inspires and anchors our expansive hospitality sector and instills the value of supporting one another in success. At the ALHI Executive Women in Leadership meeting in May in San Francisco, which focused on leading with passion, care and connection we saw this on full display.

We were reminded that any one person, team, or organization can have an impact on how empowerment and leadership are practiced as we witnessed the mutual adoration of Anna Maria Presutti, the General Manager of the Hotel Nikko San Francisco, and her entire hotel team. Alyssa Nakken, the first female coach in Major League Baseball, spoke to us on the field at Oracle Park about her journey to success in baseball, a sport that has historically lacked changes. She emphasized that when surrounded by empowering, passionate and supportive teammates there are no boundaries for any of us.

In our travel and hospitality industry, there are many outstanding mentors and peers who uplift teams and motivate them to create remarkable settings and experiences. For us at Wings the significance of being surrounded with a great circle of partners is how our women-owned and –led business since 1986 continues to soar to new heights.

Wingspan Newsletter Volume 121


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