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Travel Tastefully

People travel for many reasons. For business, for pleasure or to expand their understanding of the world are just a few ways we decide to take a journey. For many, no matter their impetus, food and beverage has become an important facet of the travel experience. From road food to fine dining, a renewed food focused approach draws in many a hungry wanderer.

Ding! Order Up! Now serving the latest delicious lagniappes to peak your appetite for travel!

Our journey starts at the airport...American Airlines steps it up in their newly redesigned lounges with a focus on a premium experience pre-flight. Hotels are getting in the food game too...can you hear the sizzle? Atlanta serves up a new concept that is sure to satisfy. Epicurean Atlanta, Midtown's first and only food focused hotel, is ready to make their debut. And the local food movement is as strong as ever. Those in the know go to where the growers grow for the freshest seafood experience .

So be a culinary tourist and stoke your hunger to try something new. There are plenty of curated food experiences out there to enjoy. Just be sure to pack your appetite and stretchy pants for your epicurean excursion!


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