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The Wingspan: Living Vicariously


Destinations, airports, and resorts are busier then ever. This might be the understatement of the year if you are a traveler. No matter when or where you journey, you are never alone. Whether you’re jetting off to exotic destinations, a business meeting or returning to the comfort of home, the frenetic airport scramble always seems to be tagging along for the ride. Are you ready to cut out the chaos and enjoy an upgrade with personalized VIP services that transform the mundane airport slog into an extraordinary experience? We are!

In LAX and ATL, the Reserve Private Suite offers the epitome of opulence, bypassing the crowded terminals altogether. Upon arrival, a dedicated concierge greets you and ensures a seamless journey. From check-in to security, you’re guided every step of the way. Relax in an exclusive lounge while your bags are handled, sipping champagne and nibbling on gourmet snacks as you wait for your flight. Divine! No more navigating endless corridors as a chauffeur drives you directly to your commercial fight's door. The Reserve Private Suite is a favorite among A-listers, but strict privacy policies mean no photography is allowed. So, if you spot a famous face, savor the moment sans camera.

In London, Heathrow VIP offers an unparalleled airport experience from being chauffeured from your doorstep to the airport with an escort to your own personal lounge. Inside, an exquisite menu, designed by Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton, is served by your personal butler. When the time is right, you’ll make the journey to the aircraft in your luxury private chauffeured vehicle.

In St. Kitts and Nevis, the Kayan Jet Lounge also offers a boutique airport service, though, this time on arrival. After you touch down, a chef serves up island specialties, while you relax in a luxury lounge with its stylish blend of local and contemporary décor, setting the stage before stepping outside. All the while an attentive concierge team takes care of every detail, from immigration formalities to dining reservations.

Say goodbye to long walks and crowded gates. Next time you use any of these VIP services, remember that the airport can be more than a transit point – it can be a memorable and very enjoyable part of your journey. 


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