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Culture Immersion: An Authentic Experience

As Event Engineers, "When in Rome" has long been the motto of the experienced traveler to enjoy, engage and experience our world’s cultures, environments and people in a kind, curious and thoughtful way as we try to get a full 360 experience of any one destination. In a recent visit to Maui, our team branched out from more typical island activities and enjoyed an opportunity to experience Hawaii through the lens of those indigenous to the islands.

Led by Native Hawaiian guides from Na Mea Kupono Learning Center, we learned about the history, legends, traditions, and values of the Hawaiian people, and how they have preserved and adapted their culture over time. From lush rainforests, spectacular waterfalls, unworldly volcanic craters and dramatic beaches, we were amazed by the beauty and diversity of Maui’s natural riches and learned how the Hawaiians respect and care for the land, the sea, and sky, using these natural resources to sustain their rituals, crafts and traditions.

We came back from our trip with a deeper appreciation for the Hawaiian culture and a broader perspective on the world realizing how important it is to engage and experience other cultures, environments, and people in an appreciative and open-minded manner. Not only did we enrich our personal lives, but we also gained valuable insights and skills for our work including how to be more creative, adaptable, and collaborative, as well as how to communicate effectively across cultural differences.

Our Event Engineers highly recommend incorporating local authentic experiences to anyone who wants to have a meaningful and unforgettable trip to Maui or elsewhere around the globe. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, go deeper with your dollar by supporting the local community and their indigenous tourism efforts that help preserve their culture and traditions for generations to come.


Wingspan Volume 133


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