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The New Water Cooler

A quiet space to work (mostly) with zillions of zooms. That's remote working in a nutshell. With high productivity, this setup is great 95% of the time. But to get to being whole, that additional 5% needs a jump start occasionally. Staying on the pulse of our industry, there's been a lot of buzz recently about the need to reconnect after being so remote for so long. But why?

From a box on the screen to a bonding adventure onsite, connections are made through shared experiences. Similar to the old office water cooler where you found refreshment both physically and mentally, a retreat or "corporate reunion" can re-energize a workforce with the power of "all" vs. the power of one. East, West, beach or mountains, creative team bonding can be designed for everyone, resulting in enhanced workplace networks and "feel good" vibes.

Collective adventures build solid connections and trust, essential for any high growth, high deliverable business working in new ways. Unique locations and creative team bonding rouse fresh, collaborative thought. So take your team to an inspired destination then watch the synergy soar!

Wingspan Volume 102


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