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We’ve officially made it to August, and before the frenzied days of fall begin with back-to-school and back to work madness, people are locking in one last relaxing retreat before summer ends. And just like the individual traveler, planners in the know, especially those with companies that have remote or hybrid work models, are booking retreats as a way for teams to bond, collaborate, and build company culture.

Whether you’re considering a personal retreat or planning one for your company, there are countless locations that offer unique opportunities to rest and recharge. Love to be part of nature? Consider these destinations that redefine activities in the great outdoors. From forest bathing to floating saunas, you’ll find a unique opportunity to look at the world a whole new way.

More of a beach person? This incredible resort in the Maldives offers glamping directly on the beach inside clear climate-controlled bubble tents strategically placed in the most secluded (and amazing) spots.

Want to stay closer to home but still get that far away feeling? We've got you covered. Knowing that people are craving the quiet of an unplugged world, even the hospitality heavy-hitters are getting in the game.

If mental and physical health is your focus, these wellness retreats in the U.S. answer that call with offerings that range from sensory deprivation tanks, acupuncture and hydrotherapy to weight-loss programs, yoga classes and fitness bootcamps.

Regardless of where you plan to visit, it’s important to not overbook or overschedule during these important days away. There will be time enough for all that reality post trip. Always remember its best to Retreat to Recharge!

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