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National Women's Small Business Month

Women are consummate multi-taskers. We have been taking care of just about everything including children, parents, spouses, significant others and pets. But October honors the ever expanding group of females who are takin' care of business, too.

In 1972, women owned businesses accounted for only 4.6% of all businesses in the US. Today, the percentage of women owned small businesses has grown by almost ten fold. There's no secret there. Women work hard, play fair and have the innate ability to see opportunity where others don't. Can this be traced back to the unique ability to multi-task effectively? Well, it could be one reason behind success. Work / life balance is still a challenge, but those who take the risk continue to work towards the reward.

Pardon us while we flap our own wings a bit. After all, now it is "our" month, too and we're proud to wear this designation. Wings Unlimited is honored to be part of this expanding group of movers, shakers, trail blazers, thought leaders and entrepreneurs. Cheers!


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