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Lucky Annie

What does it mean to be a lucky person? Is it perseverance, hard work and a positive mindset or a little bit of pixie dust? At Wings we believe it’s all the above!

Fittingly it was on St. Patrick’s Day our inspirational leader, Ann Gilmartin (aka Lucky Annie), founded Wings and her vision became a reality. Living and leading with a positive, solution-oriented mindset, boundless energy, and a continual desire for connection, wonder and global learnings it’s no wonder Wings continues to thrive.

So, whether you are toasting in Ireland this St. Patty’s Day, or around the world be sure to bring along an attitude of gratitude to accompany some Guinness and soda bread.

Lucky Annie's Advice:

  • Approach life with zest & adventure

  • Always be open to new things

  • Be caring & supportive

  • Keep a positive mindset

…and occasionally, sprinkle a little pixie dust.


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