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From Bust to Boom: Hotels Rising

Ready to pack your bags and explore? In spite of global setbacks, it seems many signs are pointing to YES! With new hotels opening their doors and positive growth throughout the sector, there is more room to roam these days.

Around the world 60 hotels are slated to open their doors this fall, welcoming travelers for the first time to rest their heads (in beds) in unique and welcoming spaces downtown, on the coast or in mountainside locales. Fresh and new hotels are alluring travelers to live, stay and visit, enticing the adventurers, digital nomads and pent up travel junkies who crave a frequent change of venue.

As hotel closings have begun to slow down in the past few weeks, investors are stepping in and providing winds under the sails of many well known brands as they begin to refresh and rebuild. Most recently, Bill Gates' Cascade Investments LLC has taken a controlling stake in Four Seasons.

With investments and openings indicating a hotel boom on the horizon, only time will tell if this trend holds. One thing is for sure, no matter where your compass point falls, when you're ready to set sail, there will be great (new) places to work, play and stay!


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