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Waves of Support

“Support comes in all shapes and sizes.”

The crystal blue water and sugar sand beaches have always beckoned travelers to the Hawaiian Islands. The effects of the recent wildfires across western Maui continue to impact the Hawaiian community and culture leaving those on the mainland and around the world looking for opportunity to extend their support. Organized funding and charitable donations are direct ways to offer help from afar. It is also important to note the positive impact that continued tourism, while being sensitive to the people and place, offers to the long-term recovery of the Hawaiian economy.

Over the weekend, our team had one of our own in the Hawaiian Islands. With plans to visit well in advance and with Maui in our heart, keeping this trip was equally important for our industry and the locals. Upon returning to O’ahu and speaking to our group, one Maui local shared his feeling of “working on a beautiful puzzle and so many pieces are missing.” It will take time to heal and mend. The compassionate, caring and grateful Hawaiian locals who share their land and sea is what draws us all to these beautiful islands. May we all continue to return in the promise to be “pono” and “leave only our footsteps in the sand as we depart”.

“E mālama. Pono!”

Wingspan Volume 123


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