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VIVA 2023

Vibrant. We joyously usher in 2023, as does the years pantone color which brings the power of nature to the forefront in the celebration.

Viva Magenta is a sassy and empowering hue filled with joy. We have woven this well-loved and confident color into our event design many, many times over the years and finally it takes center stage! This natural rooted shade galvanizes the forces of nature to lift spirits and bolster inner strength.

Our Wings team was founded with electrifying passion for adventure and a rebellious spirit for excellence that enables us to share the wonderous joys of travel with our clients and friends. Suitably, this vibrant, empowering color glows in an industry brimming with inspiring collective experiences.

Cheers to 2023! May the year be bright, inspiring and filled with vim and vigor!

Wingspan Newsletter Volume 107


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