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Virtual is our Reality

The energy and excitement of the return to in person meetings brings along many hybrid elements and requires high-end technology solutions from the site inspection to the closing keynote. By now we know what’s it like to be virtual, and we expect this technology to be readily available. What once was a nice to have, is now an absolute must! Enter VR and AR.

Hotels are continually working to keep the meeting industry alive and prosperous amidst the ever-changing landscape by providing virtual live site visits, 360-dgree on demand virtual tours and hybrid meetings. The demand continues to rise for these solutions as yet another variant is making headlines. Our industry finds itself in what seems like a never-ending cycle of on again, off again, virtual or in-person.

Whether your next event has you packing your bags and buying a plane ticket…or staying put and engaging virtually…embrace the ever-evolving technology as it grows more robust each day to keep on top of all deliverables in 2022 and beyond!


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