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Today is the Day...

What day is today? Well, according to, today is Get Organized Day!

Who better to celebrate getting organized than the Wings team? Organization is a large part of everything we do in order to create impactful and memorable events for our clients. It's not always easy, but we continuously find ways to throw in some fun along the way.

For more of our favorite resources on staying organized, check out some of our favorite tips and resources:

  • How to Organize Your Life: 10 Habits of Really Organized People

  • The Home Edit

  • KonMari

Now, you're probably still wondering about the photo of men on the beach, right? Today also happens to be Hug an Australian Day! (This is the day we're really excited about). These Australians are running to celebrate this holiday. It’s certain to be a g’day for everyone involved!


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