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The Simple Joys of The Season

The holiday season is well underway. Like newly fallen snow on the rooftop, the bustling noise of the season will soon diminish as family and friends gather to celebrate. During this season, all of us at Wings are grateful for simple joys that this profession brings us.

From our travels this year, we've held on to those great feelings we got from watching the sunrise over the swaying palms in Aruba, enjoying an early evening stroll through the winding lanes in Barcelona, shredding a stellar run down Vail mountain, gathering for a glass of bubbles at the end of a successful program and even being first in line for a delicious steaming latte when onsite reporting for those early AM starts.

We are so grateful for the amazing adventures, fabulous clients, trusted partners and our beloved family and friends as we fill our book with such happy memories. So why not take a moment to reflect on all your simple joys...after all, 'tis the season! All of us at Wings wish you a warm and wonderful holiday and a healthy, happy New Year!


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