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The Pomp, The Pagentry...The Logistics!

The Pomp. The Pageantry. The Logistics! London Bridge did not fall down. That is "Operation London Bridge". In the days following Queen Elizabeth II's death, a choreographed series of events took place, all according to plan. As the world watched in amazement, the precisely orchestrated funeral for Queen Elizabeth II highlighted a finely tuned program that had been in the works for over 10 years.

While event logistic plans rarely have the years to mature like Operation London Bridge, the success of all programs come down to the details and how they are executed. We all know there is nothing sexy about that term "logistics". In fact, that word alone often evokes a overwhelming feeling that can stymie even the best in the business. Where do we start? What should we be doing? Can we afford it? These are questions that can stop anyone in their tracks.

But professional planners know to how to get things done. Develop the plan, engage stakeholders, align the team, and get going. Logistics when fully developed and executed correctly, can become a thing to behold, even a jewel in the crown of a successful planner.

Wingspan Newsletter Volume 101


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