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The Color of the Ribbon

It is all about the surprise and delight. Like peeling away the layers of an onion, the gift experience we strive to deliver to each lucky recipient, should bring tears of joy as layer after layer of the integrated, color matched packaging tells the story of the gift for that magical unboxing experience. We have sent hundreds of custom gifts all over the country on behalf of clients wishing to deliver thoughtful sentiments.

Carefully curated, beautifully presented packages are always well-received any time of the year whether the gift is token of appreciation or part of a celebration. This process has been elevated to create one of a kind, highly customized memorable gifting experiences.

The color of the ribbon does matter! So does the style of the shipping box, and the color of the tissue paper. The eye for detail and design does come very much into play. Are the materials recyclable? What is the story of the gift and its subtle message? You must know the audience even when you will not actually get to meet them. So many things to think about to be sure the look and feel tells a cohesive story and that layer after layer of the whole unboxing experience creates astonishment and awe.

For one gifting experience, we sourced authentic, beautiful Italian wine boxes with luxury items carefully wrapped and layered inside. French wine boxes are easy to find but Italian wine boxes are rarer. The contents of this wooden crate included Italian cashmere travel blankets and Italian leather travel luggage along with a Venetian paper journal, to inspire the thoughts of traveling again. A pillow box tied in narrow matching ribbon held a gift card for Italian made slippers. Holding all these items in a nestled cushion was navy tissue sealed with a custom logo sticker. The original gift of a journey through Italy had to be postponed but these specially chosen gifts were a beautiful alternative.


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