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The Art of Gifting

It is said that gifting is an art. But think about it, the art is found in the talented artisans that create those unique items often found in only one place. Gifting experiences that embrace the culture and their craftspeople helps immerse attendees into local life and gives back to the community, often on multiple levels.

Of course, branded swag shops are always popular for those de rigueur items like logoed hats or bag tags. But the act of selecting locally made gifts takes this a bit further. Let's face it, each location and destination, domestic or international, has it's own flair to share, so why not showcase the local talent as well as the gifts. Those interactions will heighten your guests experience and create memories that last long after returning home.

So next time, bring in the leather craftsman making cowboy boots in San Antonio, the ukulele builder in Hawaii, the soap stone carver in Canada or the stitchery elder in Mexico to let them share their unique talents and stories. The art of gift is often found in the maker.

Wingspan Volume 118


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