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Sunrise, Sunset

The summer solstice is upon us. Just. Like. That.

With so many minutes of opportunity on this longest day of the year, how will you choose to spend this gift of time? Will you finally finish up that important project at work or, savor the outdoors with friends and family...the options are limited only to the maximum minutes this day offers.

Over the years with professional travel that includes early mornings and late evenings during programs and events, beholding these sun shows continually grounds each of us to this globally shared experience. A colorful and glorious sunrise, shared with only the few rising for an early morning crew call before most are awake, is a perfect way to start a day. And lest we forget the dramatic and celebratory sunsets, shared with many, overlooking dramatic cliffs, coastlines and ancient ruins joined with sounds of laughter and clinking glasses as the orb sinks low in the waters.

Both the rise and fall of this fiery planet are glorious opportunities to appreciate the wonder on this earth. Set your intention and whether your are catching it as she rises on the Costa del Sol or the Outer Banks, or sets along the shores the Mexican Riviera, Santorini, or a city skyline, each one is equally magnificent and well worth the moments to pause, reflect and acknowledge. Perhaps you may even catch a lucky sighting of the green flash as the sun's final gift of the day!

Wingspan Volume 118


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