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Creative Applications: Learnings from a chat with April Riordan, Director of Business Operations at Wings Unlimited...

What is one of your recent successes in solving a challenge for an in-person event?

Our team was tasked to find a way to alert customers and guests for small group innovation tours in our client's plant. These tours, in five minute intervals, would take place during a lively reception and the client did not want networking to be impacted by loud announcements, signage or other distractions.

How did the process begin?

Brainstorming is always step one. I work with a team where we all think differently with unique approaches to problem solving. Diversity of thought is your friend in situations like these. We always dig deep to find a solution and live by the hallmark phrase "what about" where every idea is considered.

Then what?

From what started as pre-recorded announcements and pre-assigned times to color coded badges and sourcing restaurant type buzzers, we found the wristband technology during our research. Sometimes it just takes a few magic key words to find the the idea we can riff on and, if its out there I can find it.

How did it play out onsite?

Once we drilled down into the steps, a seamless process with a straightforward implementation developed. Wristbands were handed out to guests as they checked in so they were grouped based on arrival. We knew they were present and would participate in the tour.

What was the main challenge to consider?

This technology ran on radio frequencies so we needed to make sure it was not effected by the plant and production team output. Also, we needed to stay on top to tour timing, i.e. making sure each tour and bracelet was tagged for the right time required checking and re-checking. And as always, it was imperative to provide up to date tour comms with our team at the hospitality desk so they could successfully liaise with the guests.

What was a successful element that wasn’t expected?

We were able to carry branding throughout the event with the tour bracelets printed with our clients logo. Additionally, we programmed the bracelets to light up in their preferred colors, to further highlight this client. The technology team had never done this type of event before and they were very pleased with the outcome.

Would you use this solution again?

Yes, definitely. I can see many other event and meeting uses such as teambuilding, ice breakers, randomized dine arounds and moving large groups to different areas or locations. It was user friendly, a simple process to set up and easy technology with great results. As a bonus, the bracelet vendor team had never used their technology like this before but they leaned in to our process and were a great partner in our solution.

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