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Platforms, Platforms Everywhere...Pick the Platform Based on Your Agenda

Platforms are a plenty…each day new virtual platforms enter the space. Some platforms are tried and true, some are new to the field with each vendor making promises and touting their strengths. Fancy branding, integration capabilities, gamification, networking and sophisticated analytics are often presented during the sell.​

So how do you find the right delivery method to achieve your virtual event goals? Rule #1: Let your agenda drive the platform choice. Take time to figure out your program flow with input from key stakeholders, and even your target audience if possible. Once you’ve done your initial due diligence, the platform options that make the cut will be the players who provide the best solution based on your needs. ​

With in person meetings, the hotel or venue was the first critical step, and your event was then built around it. Now, with digital meetings, choosing your platform too early or being committed to only one virtual delivery option can hold you back from designing a truly integrated, impactful and sophisticated virtual event that effectively delivers information important “mission critical” information your attendees. Take note of the steps below to ensure you find your perfect solution.​

1. Start with high level discovery to gain knowledge of big and small virtual players. ​

2. Discover what existing capabilities you have in your company (webinar platform, Zoom, Microsoft teams, etc.)​

3. Don’t commit to any one platform too quickly and don’t be scared away by cost as further discussions may be warranted.​

4. Do build a detailed agenda.​

5. Align agenda with your content delivery method (i.e. live, semi-live and pre recorded) and get buy in from the leadership, key stakeholders and/or presenters​

6. Consider enhancements such as networking events, engagement opportunities, gamification or gifting and how these elements will fit into your program.​

7. Review platforms that have made the cut with your built-out agenda to validate delivery pros and cons.​


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