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No Contact Necessary

Power for the people. This saying has taken on a whole new meaning as technology leads the way in creating safe, touchless processes. The personalized customer service experience of yesterday has evolved into an anonymous automated process.

Facial recognition, iris scanning, biometrics. Getting through the airport feels like going through a touchless carwash. Upon arrival, will you be waiting in the queue for a taxi with a throng of other people? Fuhgeddaboudit! Just dial a ride using your Uber or Lyft or even Cabify App!

At the hotel...check yourself in, use keyless entry and have your room cleaned using an app. No human contact necessary, leaving you in control of your hotel experience.

Remember when room service butlers wheeled in a lovely cart filled with tasty morsels under a silver dome? Well, Jeeves has been replaced by a shopping bag delivered via an app. Push a few buttons and almost like magic, your pre-paid meal appears at your hotel room door. Apps like Taste of Toast offer a wide variety of options no matter what you crave for that late night snack.

At a meeting? Thanks to all those techies and self guided technology, you can register, check yourself in and even print your own badge thus alleviating wait times and long lines. So whatever life throws your way, there's an app for that!


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