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Next "Innovation" Please

We've all become more adept at being creative, especially in our work from anywhere lifestyle. And virtual meeting enhancements are getting more sophisticated as well. The phrase "next slide please" is hopefully a click away from banishment. Ready to add some extra polish to your presentation? Perhaps a virtual clicker could be that simple add that elevates your pitch and keeps your audience focused on content.

Want to know what the audience is thinking? After all, you can't read the room when presenting virtually! Engagement is the name of the game. Activate your virtual audience with polls, word clouds and quizzes to keep them on their toes and get instantaneous feedback.

When the show is over in the main tent, extend interaction with an activity or engaging experience while enjoying a little casual time with your audience. Roll ravioli with an Italian grandmother, shake up some cocktails with a mixologist master or plot your plan to find that elusive key for the escape room! The possibilities are endless with something available to please even the most jaded participant.

So embrace innovation, impress and engage your audience to mix up your best virtual meeting ever!


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