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Keeping it Green

Is the universe trying to tell us something? With the arrival of the rare green comet today and viewable for the next week in the Northern Hemisphere....the answer is YES. Perhaps this is a not so subtle reminder that sustainability matters.

Whether you turn off your computer during downtime or carry a reusable coffee cup and shopping bags, these small steps are an acknowledgement that actions matter. But what does sustainability look like when we travel and how can we minimize our carbon footprint for a more "green" journey?

One of the leaders is 1 Hotels. Not only is their portfolio gorgeous, these luxurious hotels are LEED Certified, use only 100% electric house cars, leverage reclaimed native materials, and integrate reusable & recycled consumer goods into their mix.

Naviva, the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita has a clear focus on sustainability in this lush tented resort within a resort in Mexico where the connection to mind, body, spirit and the environment has been fully woven throughout the design and guest experience.

And what might be the best green way to travel to your favorite sustainable hotel now and in the future? Emirates just tested a flight using sustainable fuel to get you to where you want to be. Next, get ready to buckle your seatbelt aboard the latest innovation in flight in a hydrogen-electric powered plane.

As we all try to "listen loudly" to Mother Nature, we are grateful for these mindful models of livable and even lux solutions in greener travel for today, and tomorrow.

Wingspan Newsletter Volume 109


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