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It's A Numbers Game: Virtual Engagement Analytics...Does the Promise Deliver?

With more than one way to produce your event, it oftentimes means working with multiple platforms to deliver the best result. For example, recently Wing's Event Engineers worked with 6Connex for the virtual environment, for the live component, zoom for the round tables and Wix for the front facing website to Cvent for the agenda registration. So how do you handle all the post event analytics?

Your event was a great success. How will this be measured? The next step... analyze data collected post program. A data capture from each platform is required post event but a deeper dive into the analytics is important. Considerations about how participants “interacted” with the event, what was achieved, what was a miss and how you can learn from this information is critical for your success.

Success in the virtual world cannot be simply measured by how many registered and how many viewed the keynote. Key learnings on attendee behavior and engagement are measured when reviewing indicators in the data i.e. what did participants do post keynote, did they stay on for the zoom round table, did they ask a question, and did they follow the round table with attendance at the next session. All these analytics can take days to crunch post program to create an output that can be reviewed by the greater team.

Use these key takeaways to make sure you don’t spend endless time getting what you need after the program:

  1. Demand your platforms create meaningful analytics

  2. Hire a real time analytics monitor to notify you of positive and negative impact as it happens during your event

  3. Consider utilizing analytics hired guns to marry your multiple platform analytics to create integrated data measurement across platforms

  4. Apply your lessons to the next virtual event


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