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Hugs, Handshakes and...

That awkward moment you go for a handshake...

...and they go for a hug.

Business is back baby! Big things are happening! We get to have those in person experiences that have been denied for far too long. So how do we greet our business acquaintances or friends that we haven’t seen for oh so long? A wave, fist bump, handshake, or hug? Yikes, what to do??

Not so long ago, to not offer a firm handshake was considered impolite, even a little rude. Today, do we move in for a hug with our long-lost friend or do we have to ask permission? Norms and customs have changed so much this past year, and they continue to evolve. Perhaps we need signals that tell other people how we feel about personal contact. With a shoutout to Shakespeare, to hug or not to hug: that is the question!

Wingspan Newsletter Volume 60


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