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Happy New Year

We're ready to see 2022 through Very Peri glasses. Any color that encourages creativity and imagination and that transports us to a happy place, is a welcome guest at our color wheel table.

Pantone has been forecasting the "Color of the Year" since 2000, ushering in new annual hue to embrace the year ahead and this year is no different...or is it? Our 2022 color includes a nod to the inaugural Cerulean Blue, the 1st Pantone COY and post Y2K where, similar to today, technology was also leading our ways. In addition, this years color was newly created for just this occasion, for the first time not from their existing wheel of color, intended to symbolize the transformative year we have all had and new perspectives looking ahead.

So infuse your life with this years blend of blues with violet-red undertones and let's make 2022 sparkle together!


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