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Face to Face Quality to Quantity

In person meetings and incentives are steadily increasing as everyone continues to crave connections. Yet no one wants to return to the 'too many meetings' lifestyle and too much time away from home. Is there an effectiveness to maintain for overall purpose to avoid being lost in the duration, chit chat and wasted time? We say yes.

It is important for leaders and attendees to spend quality time together and build connections that are not only about getting the job done. Yet it's not a 'one size fits all', some leaders are natural road warriors and others need to lean on virtual 'face-to-face'. In person leadership meetings must work to prioritize enough time to network with quality messaging and, incentive reward trips show genuine value in being honored and engaged in a relaxing environment.

Building a thoughtful schedule of events with a concentrated amount of attendees results in sustained commitment to meaningful and purposeful teamwork. These events create opportunities for leadership styles to shine, true connections to be made and chances to listen and learn together, enabling a natural foundation and connectedness to overall culture.

Wingspan Volume 114


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