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Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Embrace and Attitude of Gratitude

It is hard to look at the world through rose-colored glasses and the events of this year tend to contribute to a "glass half empty" mindset.

Yet our overall slower walk in 2020 has allowed us to focus on health, family, relationships and an attitude of gratitude. Many of us have had to reinvent ourselves and hone new skills, becoming experts at Zoom, learning new software and mastering the latest tech lingo.

Even in a year like no other, there are still silver linings to be found.



DON’T assume one platform will do it all.

DO think creatively. You are not limited to one platform per event. The most thought out virtual event will incorporate multiple applications.

DON’T think of the testing phase as the last step before taking your event live.

DO test and re-test at every phase of the event building process. Make sure to view the front-facing side through the eyes of all audience types.

DON’T assume every platform offers the same level of support.

DO consult with a virtual event expert to help verify services and negotiate the proper level of support needed in order to make your event a virtual success.


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