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A Reason for Celebration

All of us at Wings love a reason to celebrate. Marking an important occasion, a goal achieved or a program successfully produced makes us happy. And with this WingSpan, we have two amazing celebratory shoutouts we'd love to share....

Wings likes big boats, we cannot lie! Two weeks ago, the Wings team was lucky enough to partner with Interlake Maritime Services on the christening of their newest ship, the M/V Mark W. Barker, a 639' American made bulk cargo ship designed to move materials throughout the great lakes. A rousing success and a major celebration attended by 700+ guests including state and federal dignitaries, this full "festival" and highly produced build out transformed a mundane parking lot that fronted Lake Erie into the perfect venue to highlight this fine ship.

And with this issue, Wings has another milestone to mark with a celebration! With what started as a small informational newsletter to share with our readership when business shifted two years ago, we are on our 100th WingSpan! Sometimes cheeky, sometimes more to the point but always focused on what's happening in our industry, we hope that this bi-weekly email provides some nuggets of news you can use.

So join us as we celebrate the big things (did we mention big boats?) and the small! Cheers!

Wingspan Volume 100


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