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37 Years of Wings

March is a month filled with celebration - Women's History Month, International Women's Day, St. Patrick's Day and our Wings Anniversary! This week marks the 37th year since Wings was started on March 17th by our tenacious founder and entrepreneur, Ann Gilmartin.

Since 1986, Ann has inspired suppliers, vendors, teammates, peers and clients in the art of service, with an inexhaustible exuberance for travel coupled with a 'what about' and 'win-win' approach at every turn. The "never been done before" calling has brought us around the globe from teambuilding in jeeps to the souks in Marrakesh, a M*A*S*H party in a helicopter hangar in Kauai, transformation of an empty floor at 4 World Trade to a top of the world customer meeting in Manhattan, to a christening for the 1st US built container ship in 40 years in Cleveland...with much more in between and more to come.

With the continued hard work and commitment of the Wings team, 37 years of event excellence feels like yesterday. We are grateful for everyone taking this journey with us. Cheers!

Wingspan Newsletter Volume 112


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