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Wings creates "Village" for client's employee meeting

They say it takes a village, but for Wings Unlimited, it takes an incredible team of hardworking, smart, and passionate Event Engineers™ to make a one of a kind networking space for their client's employee meeting.  Our client and its employees stand behind the mission that they are one big team. Their theme for their 2020 Kickoff Meeting fit “One Mission, One Team, One Community”.

When our team first started discussing the plans for kickoff with our client, they knew they wanted some sort of main, central hub and “hangout” space for their employees. This sparked the idea for a “Village”.  Now came the hard part…how? With thousands of attendees going to be at kickoff, this was going to be a huge task and a lot of people to impress! We knew the group was made up of fun, young and hungry go-getters who are looking for excitement and that “wow” factor. The Village needed to be something that was inclusive, fun, inviting and cool. Adding to the challenge the meeting was being held at a blank Convention Center. After months of research and planning, going back & forth on different ideas, designs, and floorplans, we figured it out and were ready to set the put the plan in motion. \

Fast forward to the beginning of January 2020, with a little more than a week away from kickoff, after much planning it’s was time to put our plan into action and actually build the Village! After a week of setting up furniture, laying down the carpet, installing lighting, draping, rigging signs, and organizing all the different sections of the village, we were ready for 2020 Kickoff. 

Our welcome reception was going to be the initial unveiling of the Toast Village. Needless to say, it didn’t disappoint. Attendees were completely wowed by how fantastic it turned out! The Village was an immersive experience and there was something for everyone at Toast. We included so many different components and areas to The Village it truly encompassed the company’s values.

“Seeing that there were in so many different areas, so many different properties within the large convention center, we needed a place that was easy to navigate and that would act as the central hub for the duration of the program. That is what the village was. People knew where to find things easily and it really acted like a student union for the attendees; there was something there for everyone” - Lindsey Drevins, Meeting Manager at Wings Unlimited Inc. 

Wings put their heart and soul into this program and really want to make sure it would be something that would completely wow the client. , Toast was not disappointed as the Wings team truly captured their vision and gave them exactly what they were looking for.  We had a section where employees could get their headshots taken.  We had a community service section where attendees could paint different portions of a mural, which was then being donated. There was a Swag Shop where attendees can buy the latest branded clothing items and accessories. 

We had a game area and lounge section that featured games like Cornhole and Jenga.

The lounge area had giant orange Adirondack chairs and bean bag chairs for attendees to hang out and relax staying in line with our customer's brand palette.

We had an area in the village dedicated to some of Toast’s partners that use their products where attendees could interact and engage with them.  We had various lounge and seating areas where people could hangout, chat with friends and mingle with coworkers, or even do some work on their laptops.

There was a center bar/café area where we had drinks and refreshments for the welcome reception that also was hosted as a snack and coffee station during the remainder of the program.  We had DJ who was playing music throughout the entire duration of the kickoff meeting. 

We also wanted to incorporate different programs that Toast has within their company, so we had a section dedicated to Diversity and Inclusion, LGBTQ, Military and Veterans and Women at Toast. 

Finally, we ended with a section called the “Toast of Time”, where we build this customized “jungle gym” display that showcased the timeline of the company and different milestones they achieved as a business. 

“The Village gave attendees, especially those who were new to the area, new to conferences, new to Toast, that home base of where to find everything by acting as that central hub for the Toast community” - Shana Hurkala, Managing Director, Sales, Event Strategy and Creative Design of Wings Unlimited Inc. 

2020 Kickoff was nothing short of a one of a kind and unique experience for Toast’s employees. For many of them, this was their first kickoff and from the feedback we heard from the client and many of their attendees, this meeting was one for the books. The Village was a place that really brought the entire meeting and program together. As it was the main congregation and central hub for the event, the many sections and components combined embraced and captured the message of the meeting. One Mission. One Team. One Community.   

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