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Wings creates "Village" for client's employee meeting

They say it takes a village, but for Wings Unlimited, it takes an incredible team of hardworking, smart, and passionate Event Engineers™ to make a one-of-a-kind networking space for their client's employee meeting.  Tasked with bringing our clients vision to life for their 2020 Kickoff Meeting “One Mission, One Team, One Community” Wings rose to the challenge.

When Wings first started discussing the plans for Kickoff with our client, a key element was to have a main, central hub and “hangout” space for their attendees. This sparked the idea for a “Village”. With thousands of fun, young, hungry go-getting attendees attending Kickoff looking for excitement and a “wow” factor we were challenged to build an inclusive, fun, inviting and cool Village for the duration of the event - and we were ready to impress!

Fast forward to the beginning of January 2020, from detailed plans to action Wings transformed the blank slate convention center to a vibrant Village and were ready for Kickoff! The Village was unveiled at the welcome reception where it wowed the attendees and immediately became an engaging and immersive environment, day and night, for everyone.

“Seeing that there were in so many different areas, so many different properties within the large convention center, we needed a place that was easy to navigate and that would act as the central hub for the duration of the program. That is what the village was. People knew where to find things easily and it really acted like a student union for the attendees; there was something there for everyone” - Lindsey Drevins, Meeting Manager at Wings Unlimited Inc. 

Within the custom branded Village was a myriad of spaces to work, relax, engage, and grab some food and drink. From a community service area for attendees to paint on a donation mural to a swag shop, a game area and lounge to a space to get headshots taken Wings incorporated and engaged attendees at every turn.

2020 Kickoff was nothing short of a one-of-a-kind and unique experience and the Village lived as a hub within the entire meeting which truly embraced and captured the meeting message. One Mission. One Team. One Community.

“The Village gave attendees, especially those who were new to the area, new to conferences, new to Toast, that home base of where to find everything by acting as that central hub for the Toast community” - Shana Hurkala, Managing Director, Sales, Event Strategy and Creative Design of Wings Unlimited Inc. 



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