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Choosing the perfect stage for corporate programs is comparable to learning the steps to a complicated dance. It's not easy and you can look silly if you can't quite get it. What can help? Find the right partner who will make you look good. Professional planning teams who work with CVBs and DMCs know if their destination is more of a tango or a two-step city.


Convention & Visitor Bureaus (CVBs) and Destination Management Companies (DMCs) are the local experts, and their deep-rooted knowledge of a destination’s rhythm can sway site selection decisions. They have the local connections and insider knowledge to recommend venues and activities that hit the right notes. With long-standing relationships with local vendors, they may secure better rates and preferred access to venues and services and can assist with the intricate choreography of event execution, ensuring a seamless performance for attendees.


While these partners offer valuable insights, nothing beats the actual experience of learning a dance firsthand. The direct experience of a site visit or familiarization trip allows planning teams to assess the 360 of the destination and gain a better understanding of the overall attendee experience and location suitability. And most times, unique opportunities or challenges will be revealed that could impact the event’s success.


So, what's your pleasure...a tango or two step? Both have their charms but how to choose? Working with a professional planning team with CVB and DMC relationships and firsthand destination experience is a great first step for smooth moves across the dance floor when creating memorable meetings and events!


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