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The Big Short

We are seeing it in the skies and on the roads with combative flyers and aggressive drivers…where everyone’s appetite is to be out and catered to after doing so only for ourselves this past year. Unfortunately somewhere along the path we have lost common courtesy and patience is short. There is a lack of kindness and service professionals are taking the brunt.

The hospitality industry attracts hard working, caring individuals who enjoy being part of a service-oriented team. Yet today we are wondering where are the workers and what would entice these professionals to come back, recruiters in this field are having to get savvy.

As demand skyrockets for hotel stays, restaurant reservations and airline tickets, workers in the service business are in great demand. The industry goals and expectations have not changed…success is a result of customers enjoying their experiences leaving happy, satisfied, and treated with respect and caring. Gratification goes both ways, so pack kindness and a hearty dose of goodwill for your server, attendant or representative as we all hurry back into the swing of life.


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