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The end of summer is almost here and Labor Day is just around the corner. And on this Labor Day, we wanted to highlight the teams behind the scenes that make what we do possible. As a reader of the WingSpan, you know that the hospitality industry is filled with hard working, creative, caring, experts that are involved in every element of an attendee’s experience from the entrance to the exit, whether it's one night or one week.

Even the most successful individual athletes in the world are grateful for the team that believes in them to get them where they are and corporate events are no different. The well-choreographed, yet continually improvised dance of our hospitality partners rely on all members of the team having a vested interest in the plan. It’s the ultimate win-win mindset where a win for one is a win for all.

So, to every hotelier, server, decorator, show caller, entertainer, planner, chef, greeter, producer, technician, driver, creator who labors in this love of what we do and where teamwork makes the dream work every darn day, cheers to your well-deserved Labor Day weekend ahead!

Wingspan Volume 99


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