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Small Wakes in "Big Lakes"

Are you ready to sail away? We think Christopher Cross was on to something! Small ship offerings on the market are making a big splash. With cabins maxing out at 150 or less, luxe is the word from bow to stern with the ability to navigate up close and personal to the interesting locales where the big ships can't.

During a Wings recent voyage with small ship cruise ship operators, we were excited to hear what courses they are plotting. Atlas Ocean Voyages has one new ship on line with four more in the works. Immersion experience is their focus with none of the "roughing it" feel of adventure cruising of yore. The Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection is ready to set sail with their first ship with more vessels in the works. And always a Wings favorite, Seadream Yacht Club, a fleet of two vessels, continues their fine legacy with refreshed cabins and an onboard experience that is second to none.

Ready to hit the high seas with a charter program on one of these smaller boats for a larger than life experience? These small ships are sure to please!


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