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Quick Response

Random shapes and dots are everywhere! Have they always been all around or are we just now seeing them? Is this a Rorschach test or a useful tool? QR Codes, invented in 1994, provide instant access to information hence the name Quick Response. Originally used to track inventory and share information quickly it has now morphed into a standard tool in almost every setting.

The hospitality industry widely adopted these codes almost instantly over the past year and a half. Whether you’ve traveled and stayed at a hotel or just gone to your local restaurant you have not only seen but, we’d bet, also used them. With its ease of use and contactless ability the QR code has revolutionized the hotel check-in and restaurant menu processes by reducing touchpoints and invaluable tool for the service industry, especially with current staffing strains.

Let’s face it – when you want instant information at your fingertips in our touchless world, the QR code is king. So, get out and stay, play, shop, dine and scan away – looks like QR codes are here to stay!


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