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Power to the Plant

We're really seeing green. No, its not a vision filled with envy, but a pleasing plate filled with plant based foods. Vegetarian and vegan fare is coming on strong and the "green" market is growing with all sorts of interesting offerings entering the field. From restaurant meals to hotel banquet buffets, those in the HoReCa segment are finding profit in catering to discerning guests that demand more than the old 80's standard, pasta primavera. And these standouts are really harvesting the fruits of their labor with interesting (and delicious) plant based options.

So is this an Impossible (Meat) feat? Is it Beyond (Burger) the grasp of most? We think not. Disrupters and entrepreneurs are bringing innovation to the plate everyday as the demand continues to grow. Hotels and restaurants continue to elevate those leafy greens and beans.

So...more power to the plant? Yep! We love seeing green!


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