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Hit the Road, Jack

A Charleston SC hotel built in 1958 recently got a revamp and rename. The Rhyder, named after the character Japhy Ryder from Jack Kerouac's "The Dharma Bums", also published in 1958, is its new flag. Hmm....we wondered why.

Does the name harken back to a bygone era with the goal of individuality wrapped in peace love and happiness? Maybe. But we'll take it a step farther as a loving embrace of travel and the need to get off the mundane wheel of life and make a direct connection to nature, just like Jack did.

We've found what we think would be a great mix of "Jack approved" accomodations perfect for your next "road less traveled" adventure. Scale the peaks in Peru, but make sure to hang on tight as you cling to the side of a mountain in Cusco. Or get up in the hills, as Jack did, to see the Northern Lights in your own treehouse. Is the jungle more your style? Check out these uber-designed eco-pods in Costa Rica and live among the exotic flora and fauna of this beautiful region.

So head out with Jack and get "On The Road" to "The Town and the City" and even to "Big Sur".

Wingspan Newsletter Volume 91


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