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It’s almost that time of year again...time to start thinking about the holiday gifting season. This year, the paper chain you make to hang on tree won't be the only chain you need to worry about. Supply chain is on the mind of anyone who has a gift to give, be it personal or corporate. Procrastinators who work better under pressure may be out of luck this year. But with all things considered, will the early bird even have a worm to find on the shelves?

Well what the heck is going on? Many factors in play seem to be converging including supply chain disruption, labor shortages and congestion at the ports (with no dockhands to offload cargo). Retailers are scrambling to band aid their situation to keep goods available. A few of the large retailers have gotten creative and are leasing their own container ships and cargo planes. And the smaller retailers are sounding the alarm alerting their customers to shop early.

It is forecasted that better deals will be early as will supplies…so what do you say, as one procrastinator to another, maybe this is the year to start making that list and get out there before crunch time? As the clock ticks....only time will tell.


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