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"Yo VIP, let's kick it

Ice, Ice Baby

Ice, Ice Baby

Alright stop, collaborate and listen

Ice is back with a brand new invention"

Ice is not only a hot topic for Foreigner and Vanilla Ice...when it comes to crafting exceptional cocktails, its the one crucial ingredient that often goes unnoticed. While it may seem like a simple element, the type and quality of ice plays a pivotal role in the delivery of cocktail perfection.

At its core, we all know what ice chills your drink. But wait, there's more...when you shake or stir a cocktail with ice, it breaks down and introduces water into the mix. This dilution is essential as it marries the flavors, mellows the alcohol, and creates a smoother, more enjoyable beverage (adult or not).

Our introduction into the fascinating world of creating the perfect cube began with our recent journey to Tamarindo—a tropical paradise where sourcing good ice posed a unique challenge. Due to its beautifully remote location, the area lacked access to high-quality ice. But necessity breeds innovation, and the Four Seasons Tamarindo’s bartenders took matters into their own hands, shakers and glasses.

Known as the ‘Ice Room’, local bartenders transformed an entire room into an ice-making haven or even, heaven for that matter. Imagine a space filled with ice molds, chisels, and a dedicated team. It became their sanctuary—a place where frozen alchemy unfolded. Next, Tamarindo’s bartenders experimented with water quality, freezing techniques, and mold shapes, discovering that purified water yielded clearer ice, free from impurities that can have an adverse affect on taste. The process involved slow freezing to minimize air bubbles and ensure crystal-clear cubes. Wow! Who knew???

What started as a necessity turned into a local phenomenon. Tamarindo’s artisanal ice is now sought after through a perfection of process, and with a commitment to the community, they are enhancing cocktails (adult or not) across the region. From beachside bars to upscale lounges, their ice elevates every sip.

While great ice may be foreign(er) to some...the next time you sip your favorite cocktail (adult or not), take a moment and raise your glass to the artisans who have taken ice, no longer the unsung hero, to a whole new level.


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