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Avoiding Turbulance

Remember that old commercial with the tag line "You can't get there from here?" Seems like that defines travel these days. Delays and changes are part of the life of a business traveler but nowadays being proactive instead of reactive may be the best benefit to the ofttimes inevitable.

As our travel processes continue to rely on computers and outdated software, its no wonder an outage can cause cascading flight disruptions like those seen with Southwest and the FAA recently.

Is there any way to stack the odds in your favor? Here are some easy tips if you can incorporate them into your travel plans:

  1. Search best availability and pricing on Google Flights or Skiplagged then,

  2. Book directly with your preferred airline

  3. Get outta town early

  4. Carry on if at all possible

  5. Use your status to your benefit on your preferred airline

  6. If possible, avoid connections and...

  7. Dress for an upgrade...ya never know!

We're still big believers that the benefits of travel will always outweigh the turbulence that sometimes is encountered. And, if the journey hasn't been optimal, perhaps a minimal wait guarantee at the carousel will apply.


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