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With the return of the much beloved in-person meeting, it is time to start welcoming attendees back with open arms and what better way to do this than by offering delicious meals!

With this increase of sophisticated pallets and demand for bespoke options it is more important these days to concentrate on menu planning. One such demand that is of utmost importance, is that of dietary requests and food allergies. Navigating and understanding the many different types of dietary restrictions use to be a challenge for event planners but not anymore. With the mainstream of "accommodation cuisine" catering chefs are now excited about meeting and exceeding requests thus providing attendees with delicious and tasty curated options.

As event professionals there are a few guidelines we follow when menu planning:

  • When offering any type of food & beverage options, always include a dietary restriction question during registration.

  • Communicate requests/requirements with the hotel and/or venue throughout the menu planning process.

  • Make sure there are options for every request.

  • Label all food items to warn of any food allergies.

  • Review and inspect menus and buffets prior to being available to attendees.

Although it may be difficult to please everyone at your event, taking some of these helpful suggestions into account will allow the best variety of options for attendees.

Happy menu planning and remember, "Nothing Brings People Together Like Good Food"!


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